Chapter 3: Love Is All I Need, a twilight fanfic by en-mi-corazon-para-siempre

On the main road, I see a black Mercedes is parked. He takes me to it and opens the passenger door for me.

I look at him, confused. I haven’t seen him with a car before. Why even on the earth he’d need one? He has great inhuman speed, strength and… what else, I don’t have any idea.

I was so dipped in my thoughts; I almost forgot that I’m supposed to get in the car.

“Get in,” a cold voice orders and the tone gives me chills. I shiver.

Gulping, I do as I’m told. In one blink I feel the car roaring in life. I don’t think I’ll be able to get accustomed to his speed ever.

“Put your sit belt on,” another cold demand.

“Oh,” how can I forget about these little things? Isn’t all of this his fault? Yes, he is the one who makes me forget everything.

I glance at him, and just like that, I’m captivated. He has his eyes on the road. I can feel we’re going in a maddening speed. But I don’t care. High speed used to bother me. Now, I spend every single moment of my life in a whirlwind.

I’m not afraid; as long as I have him with me.

Then all of a sudden, the car comes to a halt. Startled, I break my gaze away from him and look out the window. “Wh… where are we?”

It’s very dark outside. Is it a new moon?

“Home, your home.” He seems to emphasize the word ‘your’. Maybe I’m imagining things.

“Here already?” No wonder at the speed he was driving… but still, how can I miss the whole time? My eyes widen in horror. I gulp. Admit it, Bella, the whole time you were looking at him. Bullshit. I just stared at him for a… okay, for a while. But we are in Port Angeles? My home?

A throat clearing snaps me out of my musings. “Sorry,” I apologize blushing furiously.

I’m in too deep.

I turn to open the door only to find him standing there with it wide open.

“Th… thank you.” I stammer and get out of the car.

In a blur I see him opening the front door of my house.

He lets me enter first. It feels like I’ve come home from a date. As soon as the thought crosses my mind, I choke. I choke, for God’s sake, and start to cough.

“Are you okay?” asks my angel. I nod catching my breath. What the hell is wrong with me?

I feel two strong arms around me carrying me. He sits me down on a chair and hands me a glass full of water.

“Drink.” Without any complaint I oblige.

“Thanks.” I’m thanking him too much tonight. Hell, it seems to be the only word I know.

Placing the glass on the table I look up at him and see his penetrating gaze. He looks like he can see through me. Maybe, maybe he can. Maybe he can see just how much he means to me.

“Have your dinner and go to sleep,” he says watching me closely. “And before that, pack some of your cloths and toiletries.”

“Wh…what? Why?” I ask nervously.

“Do as you are told.” He glares at me. Are we going somewhere?

He looks very scary, deadly even. But I’ve to know. “Where?” I whisper.

Silence fills the room. Cutting into my flesh. Why do I have such a big mouth? I lower my head and squeeze my eyes shut.

Time has stopped. Everything is frozen.

Then… two cold fingers lift my chin up. Taking a shuddering breath I open my eyes.

He stares at me for what seems like an eternity. I become restless, anticipating his rage. This silence is too much.

At last he drops his fingers and tears his unnerving gaze away from me. He turns away for me for a moment to turn back to me again.

He stands straight and looks at me intently with his dark red eyes. I shudder dreading the answer.

“You are coming with me. To my home.”


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