Chapter 2: Love Is All I Need, a twilight fanfic by en-mi-corazon-para-siempre

I was a plain simple girl once. Too innocent for her own good. I was a naïve clumsy girl. No one liked me. They didn’t even bother to spare a second glance. But, I was good, content.

It didn’t help when I lost my parents in a fateful car accident when I was eighteen.

I can clearly remember that day. It was just like the other boring days. It was another happy and carefree day for me even though I was neglected. I didn’t care.

Until it wasn’t anymore. Until I was forced to care.

I had a family. I had two persons to call mine. I had two persons to love me and for me to love them in return.

Until I was left alone.

I had the ones who’d never neglect me; for I was all they had. Or that’s what I was told. I was very precious.

Huh. Too precious, their only one.

It all was true until I was left alone.

Tsk. Tsk. Very pathetic, isn’t it?

I was happy with my family only who cared for me, loved me.

But they left me. Charlie and Renee Swan left me like the selfish they were.

They left me all alone.

It’s been four years. Four years of agony, of pain.

I was never popular. I got good marks, was in the good-book of all teachers and a nerd.
No one noticed me. Ever. I always craved somebody’s attention. But I never got that. No matter what I had done, or how much I tried. I was invisible. No one.

I had to work hard for my education. At least I wanted to graduate high school. The trust funds were a little help. Guess my parents didn’t know that they have to leave me earlier.

I was lonely, in the house where their memories still haunts me. I had no one.

Until… the day he came to my life and changed it.

I always prayed for someone to notice me, to acknowledge me. But never once in my wildest dream I thought of someone like him. I clearly didn’t even believe in those myths.

They are just myths after all. Just scary stories.

Destiny is so cruel. It shoved someone very terrifying and deadly into my life. And me, the innocent, invisible Isabella Swan became the ‘Pet’ of the creature of the night. The ruler of the night.

I was trapped, captured in this hell they call life. But my sick body and mind accepted that living hell with open arms.

I was disgusted with myself, my life.

But how long?

I realized that I needed him. Yes, I needed him.

And I need him now even more. I need him like I need air, like I need food.

I need him to survive.

In a very twisting way he has fulfilled me. He’s brought me to life.

He does everything he wants to do with me. I don’t protest because it has just the opposite effect.

He lusts after my body, soul and… blood. My blood is too precious to him to suck me dry. My blood is the real reason he hungers for me.

And despite all this, I, the pathetic Isabella Swan love him. He says his heart is dead, he has no soul. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not.

I’ve got everything from him I wished for, in his own way. But wishes do come true.

My dark angel, my everything.

The dark God whom I love.


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